This function converts character values to numeric, same as INT, editc and editw.
Monitor Example /Free Monitor; Dou EOF(File1Record Read File1Record; If EOF(File1Record Leave; Else; Pay (Hrs * Rate) (Ohrs * rate.8) (DHrs * Rate 3 Update File1Record; EndIf; EndDo; On-Error 1218; Dsply Record is Locked; Leave; On-Error 1011:1211 file; Dsply un-Expected File Error; Leave; On-Error *program;.
You can specify monitor blocks anywhere in your program, including within IF, Do and select groups even sex in masage raum nested with in the monitor blocks or ON-error groups.If the code on the monitor block is processed without error, control passes to the first line following and endmon opcode.Only one ON-error group is processed first one that covers the error status.The DEC function accepts result value size as parameter 2 and.You can use *program to generic program errors, *file for generic file errors or *ALL for all generic errors.You can specify any status code from 00100 to 09999 or *program, *file or *ALL.Once the ON-error group is processed, control passes to the statement following the endmon operation.This is same status code that the status BIF provides.Its a good idea to place generic ON-error groups after specific groups to ensure youve covered all possible errors.Parameter 2 and 3, this function accepts Literals and Constants.The program/file status code determines which ON-error group gains control.If, however one of the lines in the block causes an error control is passes to the appropriate ON-error group.With Named Constants, d nVariable S 7P 2 D aVariable S 10A Inz 123.12 D nLen C Const(Len(nVariable) D dLen C 10A Const(Decpos(nVariable) /Free nVariable Dec(aVariable : nLen : dLen *inlr *ON; /End-Free).Monitor blocks can also encompass IF, DO or select groups.See the following examples, with Literals, d nVariable S 7P 2 D aVariable S 10A Inz 123.12 /Free nVariable Dec(aVariable : 7 : 2 *inlr *ON; /End-Free.A monitor block starts with a monitor opcode; the program then process subsequent lines in the block, up to the first ON-error opcode.My Name is Chamara Withanachchi, System i Expert and RPG Developer.
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