It said that Bush and Tony Blair couldn't overlook and ignore such slogans for peace.
Islamabad: Speakers of a protest rally held under the auspices of Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (rawa) Monday urged the world community to play its due role in averting the US go-it-alone war against Iraq.
"This was followed by support to Osama and Mullah Omar, and now the western support has shifted towards the Northern Alliance." It lamented.
The press release added that the US could not do cute asian spreads ihren arsch auf cam porn hub better then this selfishness and double standard to achieve its own interests in the region.The people of the world and the US would not allow Bush administration to misuse the 11th September incident and in their name and under the banner of democracy, impose war and bring catastrophe on the poor and suffered people of Iraq.They were also holding the picture of the founder of rawa, Meena, who was assassinated in 1978 and her killer was hanged recently in Pakistan."The Afghan children ask that if the US wants to dethrone Saddam then why it has imposed criminals and professional terrorists worse than Saddam in Afghanistan the statement said."War against terrorism for democracy is now well-exposed to the people of Afghanistan where the US courted successive tyrants like Gulbuddin, Mullah Omar, Osama and recently installed the tyrannical rule of Northern Alliance in Kabul they said.Shala maintained that the victims of the possible attack on Iraq would be the disadvantaged group including women and children.The example of the Afghanistan is before us and once the US forces cross the Iraq boundaries, no one is strong enough to get them out, she asserted.She criticised that the US is advocating democracy across globe but it has planted a government in Afghanistan which lacks popular support.It said that if the US consider Saddam a threat to peace and security of the world and region and have the intention to disarm Iraq, then why it supports Israel which is equipped with atomic weapons and id the butcher of Palestine people?The installation of Karzai administration under the Bonn Conference is what America is doing to safeguard its long-term interest in this part of the world she commented.The press release said that Gulbuddin Hikmatyar was once a blue-eyed boy, which shows that the recent stand and announcement of the America against this hangman is meaningless.By doing this they would repeat the tragedy of Gulf war in which Saddam survived but war caused the death to hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqi people.In pragmatic terms, he opined, democracy and the Karzai-led administration in Afghanistan are pole-apart.US President George W Bush on Sunday gave UN a new ultimatum: pass a resolution authorising force against Iraq within two months or America will Attack.
Dawn, Feb.25, 2003, by A Reporter, islamabad, Feb 24: The activists of Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (rawa) staged an anti-war demonstration against the impending American attack on Iraq.

Rawa holds demo against possible US attack on Iraq.
"The regime, which they had supported in the war against Iran." It added.