You must be shepping.
It is the Danish word for poop!
Aidim : son-in-law, from middle-high-German eidam a schande (Yid., a disgrace; one who brings embarrassment through mere association,.An English sentence that uses these words sometimes is said to be in Yinglish or Hebronics; however, the primary meaning.Punim : the face (Yiddish ponem, from Hebrew panim ) pupik : the navel; belly button (Polish pępek the navel) ( used real people real life real sex serie by American comedian Moe Howard in the short subject film You Nazty Spy!Just ALL THE premium.For your safety and privacy, this link has been disabled.Within an organization) (German machen doing or making sth.) "Now that Golde is the president, she acts like such a big macher." mama-loshen : one's first or native language, from Yiddish mama (mother) plus Hebrew lashon, tongue or language mamish : really, very (an expression.This can be used as a somewhat generic insult, implying a "lowlife" the word has also been adopted from Yiddish into German as Ganove, also a thief (often indische menschen in chat räumen, lustig figurative) gornicht (German gar nichts nothing at all live desi sex nothing, not a bit, for naught goy : Someone.Shmendrik : ineffectual person.German verklemmt) farmisht : confused (cf.German Weh "pain English woe oy vey iz mir : (exclamation) from 'Oh, woe is me!This list shall use the same conventions as Modern High German, with the exception of certain words, the spellings of which have been standardised.