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Finally an expert gives me a clean bill of health stating I am as healthy as.
My x ray and ct scan also shows nothing significant except for a really small granular in the chest, and gastroscopy shows that I am having a minor hernia which is probably the cause of the sputum build.
Somehow the "other people coughing" continues.Occasionally I can see blood in the phlegm.At times, it was so thick I had to kostenlosen chat mit menschen in ihrer nähe use a nebulizer with salt water to push them out.Hello real alrician nackt sex rutuals guys, I am also having a similar symptom where my colleagues will cough at least once in two minutes when I entered the office.Its probably due to my smoking habits, the doctor said.If this happens for a another couple of years, I am starting to consider suicide as the last option.Some people might suggest that may have been a prank, but who plays prank for 2 years plus.After 4 months taking the medications, it seems the cough wears off, but I notice that anyone talking with me will cough.I too have been distancing myself from social life and sleeps in different room from the wife and kids.It all started with a simple normal cough around January 2014 and as usual I just went to the clinic and receive the normal medication such as antibiotics and expectorant.Its hard to prove to the experts that I am causing other people to cough since the experts are not affected or coughing during the appointment.I pity my officemates who, out of 20; 2-4 will cough badly, I mean really bad like they are trying vomit out their internal organs or something 3-5 will cough like a normal cough 3-4 will seem to try clear their throat every minute and.Some will not cough at first and takes some time before they.In the morning I also will need to spit out thick phlegms which is yellowish or brownish at times.This also happens anywhere the room is enclosed such as a seminar room or halls.However the cough continued, I kept going to the clinics until they provided higher and higher doses of antibiotics (such as Curam625 mg and once, 1 gram antibiotic).
The sad thing is that, although my family, my friends, my coworkers are coughing badly, somehow I am not coughing or rarely does.